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Student short Film "Dhum Tak Dhoom" and "Last Call" awarded First and Film "Little Zombi" awarded Second at the Ray Film Festival - click here for more information

About Toonskool

Incorporated in 2004, Toonskool is the leader in Animation Education in India.

Toonskool delivers the highest quality animation education through career centres and college partnerships. Short term courses are offered at the career centers, while the 3 year undergraduate degree is offered through college partnerships.

Through an MOU with Karnataka State Open University, Toonskool designed and implemented India’s first ever Animation degree course, a B. Sc. In Animation, in 2005. The B. Sc. Animation program is now offered at 13 reputed colleges across India.

The first batch of Toonskool graduates will be earning their B. Sc. Animation degrees in 2008.

The Toonskool Edge

Toonskool is the only provider of animation education in India that has partnered with reputed academic institutions across india, to deliver its 3 year B. Sc. Degree in Animation.

The Toonskool curriculum is the strength of all Toonskool’s programs – the course framework and content is unique in the Indian education market, and is designed to nurture student development while simultaneously being industry focused.

Toonskool shares the vision that India’s arrival on the world animation stage is imminent.
Toonskool will realize this vision by:

  • Investing in Animation Education
  • Creating an environment that fosters student development keeping in mind the industry’s needs
  • Developing the Human Capital that will drive India’s growth into the world animation industry

B.Sc Admissions Open / 2009-10



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